10 Apr 2020

Aphix recently suggested a way to uncheck everything in twitter’s interests section. The method involved dev tools and css classes that are likely to change.

It seemed to me that this could be useful as something that’s generic (not specific to twitter) and as a bookmarklet (so available to people who aren’t comfortable using the dev tools).

Just drag the link below to your bookmarks bar and then click on it to detick every checkbox on a page:

Ticker Deticker

(I added a "Ticker" too for if you have the opposite problem)

Some checkboxes so this can be tried on this page:

The code, for those interested:

// get all the checked checkboxes on the page
  .forEach(function (check) {
    // give the browser room to breath by not clicking all the buttons right away
    setTimeout(function () {
      // click the checkbox;
    }, 0);